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    Many ISOC UK England participants are deeply involved in the development of Internet governance, management and Standards from both technical and policy perspectives.  The best way to engage  with activities is to join our mailing lists.

    Mailing Lists

    Our main interactive discussion forum today is the policy email list which is open to all our participants.

    The chapter currently has three main mailing lists  archives and links available here.

    Policy sign up

    Univerities discussion list 

    Open Trust discussion list 

    Please note our Terms for using ISOC UK mailing lists

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    Projects and Activities

    Many of our members are active innovators, practitioners and institution builders for the Internet. The Internet is a medium for everyone.

    Members can publicise their projects here to reach a global audience and other ISOC members. Qualifying Projects can apply for funding grants through the chapter.

    ipv6 ready

    Current active Projects and Activities members are leading on include:

    IPv6 Matrix Project

    ICANN At-Large Advisory Council

    UK and Global Internet Policy including Internet Governance

    Internet of Things

    Artificial Intelligence

    Privacy and Identity


    Internet architecture and innovation

    Internet and Web Standards