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    The Internet Society is YOU.  It is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators; thinkers and doers; artists and activists; darers and dreamers; and everyday individuals.

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    Individual Memberships

    Membership of ISOC globally is free, but the benefits are huge. Gain access to Internet Society conferences, educational events, and other unique opportunities. As a member of the Internet Society you also have the chance to be a part of an incredible network of fresh-thinkers and advocates for a sustainable, healthy Internet.

    All members of ISOC can choose to join their local chapter. It is not automatic so if you want to participate in local activities and mix with like minded people don’t forget to sign up!

    The Internet Society of England was founded in 1999 and has initiated many prestigious and informative activities and events. The chapter  has over 2000 members who contribute and learn from each other to make the Internet an open and user centric medium for Everyone.

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