IPv6 Matrix project

The chapter unveiled the new IPv6 Matrix information resource for researchers to UK network operators at UKNOF27 in Manchester on 21st January 2014.

Dr. Tim Chown of University of Southampton unveiled the new website to the UK network operators at the meeting. The site has been repurposed by Masters students at Southampton. Network researchers can now enjoy over four years of IPv6 usage data and generate dynamic interactive visualisations at the click of a mouse. The data is published on open data principles.

IPv6 Matrix was originally conceived by Dr. Olivier Crepin-Leblond in 2010 who continues to guide its progress. The chapter thanks the Internet Society Grants program for its contribution to take the project to its next incarnation as well as Nile University and 2020Media for their support over the last four years.

The IPv6 Matrix site

IPv6 Matrix Historical

IPv6 crawler project In November 2009, ISOC England has received a community project grant from ISOC Global for the design and building of an IPv6 Crawler – a set of computers which would crawl through the Internet and collect IPv6 usage data, thus tracking the use of IPv6 worldwide.

A short presentation of the project was made at the London INET on 29th September 2010. The deck of slides can be downloaded from here.