Headlines 2001


IETFInternet Engineering TaskForce meets in UK  for first time
The 51st IETF meets in London 5th to 10th August 2001

The UK has many Internet pioneers but the key body at the heart of the creation of Internet technologies the IETF is meeting in the UK for the first time this August. The 51st meeting of the IETF will be considering the core issues for the future architecture and capabilities of the Internet from the internationalisation of domain names to the development of routing technologies which potentially amend the end to end delivery philosophy of the Internet architecture.

The IETF is an Internet Society activity that develops and processes the Standards creation work that underpins the Internet. applications, and policies.




Internet Society’s Master Engineering Lectures 
5th to 9th August at University College London
The Internet Society of England is holding the first Internet Society Master Engineering Lectures at University College London.

The Master engineering lectures will explain and define the most important thinking from the key leaders in the Internet engineering community of the main engineering challenges of the Internet today.

Internet Society of England AGM 
10th August at University College London
The Internet Society of England is holding its first Annual General Meeting at University College London at 10:30 Hours. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate.


ISOC Member Briefings

IPv6 and the Future of the Internet
by Brian Carpenter 
Internet Protocol 6 (IPv6) is a new version of the Internet Protocol intended to replace IPv4. IPv6 has features and capabilities which greatly extend the scalability and opportunity for using the Internet. IPv6 has many unknown implications for society and the delivery of Internet services.


Internet Societal Task Force
Technology and social issues are linked by ISOC through a new organisation, The Internet Societal Task Force (ISTF).

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