• Cerf-9-11

    Wednesday 12th September 2001 15:31 Hours

    Dear Friends,

    I am in Chicago, stranded for a time as a consequence of the nearly
    incomprehensible terrorist attacks launched against the US in New York
    and Washington. Words fail in the face of such savagery.

    Now, more than ever, the Internet must be wielded along with other
    media to cast bright lights on all who would destroy freedom in the
    world. Information is the torch of truth and its free flow is the
    bloodstream of democracy.

    The price of such free flow may be information we do NOT like or
    believe, but the antidote to misinformation is more information,
    not less.

    Your thoughts and prayers for all victims of terrorism, where ever
    this evil has touched lives, will be welcomed and appreciated. Your
    determination to eradicate this evil from our society will be needed
    if our 21st century global culture is to evolve into something we
    would want our children and their children to inherit.

    Vint Cerf