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Hands-on descriptions of implementing IPv6, DNSSEC, HTTPS and other goodies on your Web server

“Investing in One Standard Everywhere”

I  – ISOC 

N – national chapters 

V – vision 

E – engagement

S – standardisation

T – testing/training 

I – implementation 

N – negotiation 

G – gains 

In other words:

* ISOC Improvements 2020 project

* Notional enhancements to ISOC chapter websites across the globe

* Vision for a ” One Standard Everywhere ” (OSE) 

* Engage and recruit ISOC members

* Standards documentation obtainable on GitHub managed by Dan York for OSE project

* Test local ISOC websites via and HTTP2  & Train  on OSE – Q&A of dependencies where third party website hosting presents challenges

*Implementation starts in earnest  -(unanticipated  challenges to address and overcome within 45 days if possible)

* Negotiate with Web Hosting providers to implement OSE improvements or discuss whether chapters should change web hosting providers

* Gain good results by 6th June 2020 evidenced by and HTTP2 retest improvements over pre-training baselines