UK Internet Governance Forum 2020

Date: 15, 16, 17 September 2020.

As announced on the UK IGF Web Site:

The UK Internet Governance Forum (UK IGF) is the national IGF for the United Kingdom. IGFs are an initiative led by the United Nations for the discussion of public policy issues relating to the internet. A key distinguishing feature of IGFs is that they are based on the multi-stakeholder model – all sectors of society meet as equals to exchange ideas and discuss best practices.

The purpose of IGFs is to facilitate a common understanding of how to maximise the opportunities of the internet whilst mitigating the risks and challenges that the internet presents.

The UK IGF provides the space for national discussions of key public policy issues related to technology. Messages from the UK IGF will be carried to the Global IGF, 2-6 November 2020.

This year the UK IGF took place online due to the COVID19 Pandemic.

This allowed the UK IGF to be spread over three days instead of the customary one day meeting that took place in previous years.

The Agenda for the three days includes links to speaker slides.

Daily Webcasts were undertaken with the help of the Internet Society Live Webcast Channel.

Day 1 – Tuesday 15 September 2020

Day 2 – Wednesday 16 September 2020

Day 3 – Thursday 17 September 2020