BEREC presentation

Frederic Donck Director of European Bureau writes

As you know it, ISOC is engaging many key stakeholders in the Net Neutrality dossier. In Europe, we have built robust relationships with key policymakers as the European Commission (incl. Mrs Kroes Cabinet), the European Parliament and the EIF, to name but a few.
I am happy to share with you some successful engagement with another key actor in this dossier, that is the European Body of National Regulators (aka BEREC) which is to play a critical role as the BEREC mission is to set common guidelines in this field for regulators in the European Union.

Concretely, following ISOC contribution (to which many of you have contributed) to the BEREC consultation on NN & Transparency Guideline in 2011, we have been called to participate to a meeting set up by the BEREC to listen to the Internet Society work in this field and in particular to ISOC view on Internet service terminology and metrics.
The BEREC NN working group is planning a report in 2012 on those issues and I understand that the Internet Society work will feed directly into this work.

Attached you will find the ISOC presentation for this meeting-which took place on 14 February in Brussels.
Special credits *and* thanks to both Mat Ford and Leslie Daigle (who was able to manage this one day meeting in Brussel..on her way to another meeting on the US West Coast—nice little detour, Leslie:)

Great job and we hope you’ll enjoy the presentation  20120214_BEREC_NNWG

Best Regards