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.uk Second Level Domain Registrations – two.

The English Chapter of the Internet Society ( thanks the members, board and staff of Nominet UK for the invitation to comment again on their important proposal for substantial changes to the management of the UK domain name system known as Second Level Domain Registration or

Nominet has issued a second proposal within a year on opening up
registrations directly under .uk. The ISOC UK England chapter responded in January recommending that direct .uk registrations should not proceed at this time.… Read more ...


UK Internet Governance Forum to meet 10th September London

Registration is now open for the 2013 UK Internet Governance Forum. It is to be held in London on Tuesday 10th September.

Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey MP is already confirmed as a keynote speaker. Other leading commentators from politics, academia, civil society and industry will also contribute to the debate and help to influence the next global Internet Governance Forum. The Childnet IGF Youth delegation will also bring the views of younger users to the discussions.… Read more ...

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Quis custodiet custodiam… Who’s protecting data protection?

In response to the European Commission and Parliament review of a new draft Data Protection Regulation Christine Runnegar and Robin Wilton of ISOC policy team propose the focus needs to shift to data outcomes for users rather than solely on tick box controls of data elements.

“The European Commission and Parliament are currently in the process of reviewing and amending drafts of a new Data Protection Regulation. This note suggests three compelling reasons why the Regulation should be kept strong, and some specific areas in which amendments are ill advised and should be rejected.”… Read more ...


Internet Society is globally engaged.

ISOC’s development continues apace. Sometimes members can forget to explain what ISOC does and where it operates. The Internet Society is well known as the organisational home of open Internet Standards the IETF . This activity remains a core responsibility.

What is less well known is that ISOC has over the last few years become a major contributor to high-level discussions on Internet governance, digital content, privacy, and many other issues. The Society promotes, influences, and shapes discussions through participation in international fora such as IGF, WIPO, OECD, Council of Europe, the UN WSIS Forum, World Economic Forum and ITU, to name a few.… Read more ...

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ISOC UK England urges Nominet not proceed with its direct .uk proposal.

The English chapter of the Internet Society urges caution regarding the proposals. In the absence of consensus for direct .uk and in view of the risk to stability of uk domain name system the conclusion is NOT to implement direct .uk plans to shorten domains as proposed.

Should the proposed security mechanisms be justified they could just as easily be provided under a new or existing SLD such as or which are both low volume and limited community managed zones.This… Read more ...

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UK Internet next ten years and ITRs

ISOC UK England and the English Chapter of the International Institute of Communications held a joint meeting on 30 October 2012 with several speakers, discussing WCIT issues. Speakers included:

– Markus Kummer, Vice-President Public Policy, Internet Society
– Dominique Lazanski, Tax Payers’ Alliance
– Malcolm Hutty, London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Chair, EuroISPA
– Desiree Miloshevic, Oxford Internet Institute, Industry researcher and Visiting Associate

– Jean-Jacques Sahel, UK Chapter of the IIC
– Olivier Crepin-Leblond, UK England Chapter of the Internet Society

Simon Towler, UK government representative who will lead the UK Delegation at WCIT in Dubai, was present and intervened from the floor.… Read more ...