ITU Plenipot underway – opens PP-14 documents to the public

Issues Matrix as itemised by ISOC for ITU can be downloaded in PDF format

Sally Wentworth of ISOC writes from Busan,

The Plenipot is just getting going and we’re still mostly in the ceremonial stage (plus lots of campaigning for elected positions).

One thing that did happen yesterday was that the ITU members agreed to make PP-14 documents available to the public. This means that you do not need a TIES password to access the input or output documents. We added document numbers to our matrix of proposals so hopefully that helps you identify where the main Internet issues live.

You can find all the PP-14 documents here.

Second, there is a webcast and live captioning of the Plenary meetings plus the main committees. You can find this Webcast here.

Finally, because there are so many documents, it’s useful to know which committees the internet will come up in. Below is our first shorthand overview of how the proposals will break out into the various committees in case you’re interested in following (subject to change):

Working Group of Plenary: Chair – Bahrain

Res 101 (IP networks), 102 (internet policy), 130 (security), 133 (int’l domain names), 137 (NGN), 140 (WSIS), 172 (WSIS), 174 (illicit use), 179 (child protection), 180 (IPv6).

New resolutions on: mobile, IXPs, IoT, multilingualism Committee 5 ( Policy & legal matters): Chair – Switzerland

Res 21 (Alternative calling); 146 (ITRs); 163 (stable CS/CV); 177 (conformance & Interoperability)

Dec 11; Dec 12 (Access to docs); doc 48 ICT definition Committee 6 (Admin & Mgmt): Chair – Australia

Dec 12 – online access to ITU Docs