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Webcast of Lord Renwick Memorial Lecture with Vint Cerf is now available

If you have missed the Inaugural Lord Renwick Memorial Lecture, which will took place online on Thursday 9th September 2021, you can watch its recording here, thanks to the ISOC Live service.

The Digital Policy Alliance (DPA) welcomed guest speaker Vint Cerf, the American Internet pioneer recognised as “one of the fathers of the Internet”.

Wrestling with Alligators: Delivering on the Digital Promise

The benefits of digital technology have been broadly demonstrated and acknowledged but the same benefit of lowering barriers to access to digital technology, the Internet and the World Wide Web have enabled harmful behaviours ranging from individuals to nation states. The conundrum we face is how to retain all the benefits while defending against abuse.  Cooperation and collaboration between public and private sectors, civil society and nation states will be needed to achieve this objective.

We have been “admiring” the problem for many years but it is time now to adopt steps to deal with it.

 Dr. Cerf’s lecture and interaction with the audience was well worth watching.