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Peter Kirstein CBE honoured with Fellowship by Marconi Society

The founder and acknowledged “father” of the Internet in Europe and ISOC UK England participant Professor Peter Kirstein CBE was honoured with a Symposium and Fellowship by the prestigious Marconi Society in London Tuesday 25th October at the Royal Society.

The Symposium produced by Peter Kirstein was on – “The Future Infrastructure of the Internet of Things”.  The gathering discussing the Internet of Things and paying tribute to Peter included many of the Internet and networking world’s leading luminaries including Vint Cerf, Bob Khan, Paul Baran, Dame Wendy Hall, and many others.

It was commented that it was typical that a room full of geeks to not even look up as the Queen and the President of China drove down the Mall just outside the meeting room’s windows.

The Awards dinner interspersed with an Awards ceremony awarding Peter Kirstein with the Marconi Society Fellowship was compered by Vint Cerf. Awards were also given for junior fellows  presented by many of the luminaries including Princess Electra Marconi, the grand-daughter of Guglielmo Marconi.