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Reflections on UK IGF Panel Discussion: Privacy and Security in the Internet Age

by Robin Wilton
Technical Outreach Director – Identity and Privacy Internet Society

1 – The “privacy versus security” fallacy

2 – What factors shape the privacy landscape

3 – An ISOC Trust and Identity perspective

1 – The “privacy versus security” fallacy

I’d like to start by quoting two remarks that were made at the recent WSIS Forum in Geneva on a similar panel to this one. The first is, in turn, a quotation from Joe Alhadeff of Oracle Corp., who said:

“It’s not enough to balance privacy against security: you have to optimise for both”.

The second is from Audrey Plonk of Intel Corp.:

“Privacy and security are mutually reinforcing, not mutually exclusive. In line with the principle of data minimisation, data controllers should ask what is the minimum data necessary to meet a given security objective.”

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