Joint submission of response to OFCOM consultation on Child Safety

The UK Chapter of the Internet Society produced a Joint Submission with the Internet Society responding to the OFCOM Consultation: Protecting children from harms online

The response, filed on 17 July 2024, reiterates the points made in past submissions to UK consultations conducted by OFCOM but also in relation to the various legislation that went through Parliament in the first part of the year. In particular, the response reiterate that End-to-end encryption (“E2EE”) is needed to safeguard privacy of data including the safety of children.… Read more ...


Internet Impact Brief

Internet Way of Networking 5 January 2022

Internet Impact Brief: End-to-end Encryption under the UK’s Draft Online Safety Bill


In May 2021 the UK published the draft Online Safety Bill (the “draft bill”) which seeks to set out a new regulatory framework to protect Internet users from illegal and harmful content. If implemented in its current form, this draft bill may negatively impact the Internet, pulling it away from its full potential as an open, globally connected, secure and trustworthy resource for all.… Read more ...

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A Joint Call to World Leaders for a Secure and Trusted Digital Economy

ISOC UK has signed a call to world leaders attending the G7 summit to ensure the Internet can support a secure and trusted digital economy for everyone. Measures that undermine encryption weaken security for all.

You can see the letter and sign it at

Endnotes: [1]Exceptional access, also referred to as “lawful access,” refers to providing law enforcement and intelligence agencies with access encrypted communications. [2]See:  Keys Under Doormats: Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications – and  Open Letter to GCHQ [3] more ...
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The Internet Society has issued a statement following up on the CEO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook’s letter on FBI demand.

Apple has millions of UK customers with the UK. With the UK Prime Minister having called for law enforcement to have no areas they cannot go and the debate and concern over the draft Investigatory Powers Bill in the UK this debate in the US has huge significance for UK citizens.

UK expert Prof Ian Brown commented on what the FBI are really asking for on the BBC World Service

Internet Society statement: –


Have you ever lost your smartphone or had it stolen?… Read more ...