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Multi-Sided Trust for Multi-Sided Platforms


This discussion being held on Thursday, April 12, 2018, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM BST brings together representatives from different sectors to discuss the topic of trust on the Internet. This particular panel will focus on consumer to business trust; how users trust online services that are offered to them. Such services include, but are not limited to, online shopping, social media, online banking and search engines.

Recent developments involving Social Media makes this a particularly hot topic.


Ansgar Koene – Senior Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham, researching algorithm bias


  • Catherine Miller – Director of Policy at Doteveryone, who have recently published a ‘Digital Attitudes Report’ ( )
  • Kate Green – ISOC 25 Under 25 Awardee doing research on user experience and trust in online health communities
  • Geoff Revill – Founder & Managing Director of Krowdthink Ltd, an SME/platform provider
    Slide Deck
  • Robin Wilton – Technical Outreach for Identity and Privacy at the Internet Society
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  1. Welcome and Introduction (Ansgar Koene) (10 minutes)
  2. Round of opening Statements – including slides (30 minutes)
  3. Follow-up questions from Moderator (15 minutes)
  4. Discussion (30 minutes)
  5. Conclusions / Next Steps (5 minutes)

Topic: Multi-Sided Trust for Multi-Sided Platforms
Time: Apr 12, 2018 6:30 PM London (5:30PM UTC)

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