The ISOC UK England / India Chennai online joint Webinar on the theme “Core Internet Values: Changes happening on the way the Internet Works – the desirable and undesirable changes”

The ISOC UK England / India Chennai online joint Webinar on the theme “Core Internet Values: Changes happening on the way the Internet Works – the desirable and undesirable changes” took place Friday 2nd June 2017

The link to the live stream recording

1. Introduction to the Internet – tracing its origins (10-15 minutes)
Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, ISOC UK England Chair

2. “how national laws alter the Internet ecosystem” (10 minutes)
Tatiana Tropina, Max Plank Institute & ICANN NCUC

3. “how this work is politicised at ITU and UN” (10 minutes)
Nigel Hickson, ICANN.… Read more ...


Follow-up Webinar on a Policy Framework for an Open and Trusted Internet

In June 2016 ISOC published a working paper “A policy framework for an open and trusted Internet” outlining the four interrelated dimension to be considered when developing policies for the internet.

In preparation for the European Chapters meeting (22-23 February 2017) we had a 90 minutes Webinar / Conference call on Tuesday 14 February 2017 from 6pm to collect input from participants about the ways in which ISOC UK can/should engage with the theme of User Trust – a link to its recording can be found below.… Read more ...

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Role of Algorithms – the Parliamentary Science & Technology Committee should be concerned

Dr Stephanie Mathisen of Sense about Science gave evidence to the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee this morning 1st February 2017 advising transparency for algorithms that make decisions so that decisions and the process that arrived at them can be tested. She also touched on the lack of information to understand the scale and scope that algorithms are currently and proposed to be used by Government agencies and contractors.

The UnBias Project is holding a meeting on Friday in London where chapter participants will be present.… Read more ...

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Submission to the #MyScienceInquiry The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

ISOC UK have submitted a note to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee which has been published on developing the issue of Trust in relation to framing legislation.


Today, policymakers must choose which path to take in developing Internet policies. One path leads to an open and trusted Internet with the social and economic benefits it brings. The other path leads to an untrusted and increasingly closed off network that fails to drive growth. One path leads to opportunity, the other to stagnation.… Read more ...

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Future policy approaches to the convergence of privacy and security online

ISOC England is partnering with the UK Chapter of the International Institute of Communications (IIC) to organise a discussion to look at how best policymakers should approach privacy and security on the Internet, considering the increasing ‘convergence’ between these two areas, especially when it comes to the Internet.

Join our speakers to discuss these issues on: 14 JULY 2016

Location:TechUK, 10 St Bride Street London EC4A 4AD

From 17:30-20:00 (Prompt start 18:00)

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Coordinating Partner, EMEA Communications Law; Co-Chair, Global Data Privacy & Cybersecurity; Squire Patton Boggs (UK) LLP; Director, International Institute of Communications.… Read more ...

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Home Office push the IP Bill to avoid national debate

March 1st 2015 – Home Office is pushing ahead with the IP Bill without needed national debate

Despite three key Parliamentary committees demanding very significant changes to the draft IP Bill and calling for more time for a national debate can take place. The Home Office today published a largely identical draft Bill and a timetable that is clearly designed to stifle debate even within Parliament.

A number of participants in the Internet Society community are included in the signatories to a letter in The Telegraph today calling for a delay until 2017.